Apr 4, 2014

back home - for now at least...

we are now back on the sunny gold coast loyal followers and just in time for kurts favorite time of the year. autumn or fall for you yanks. the mornings are crisp, the sunrises breathtaking with the warmth of the days still very much enjoyable. while we are not enjoying the monotony of being back at work (blah...), we are enjoying the creature comforts of home. i.e. glorious hot showers, our own bed, cooking and new clothes to rotate.  we know this will be short-lived however and are already talking about booking tickets to somewhere new and exotic. there seem to be a lot of amazing deals on flights at the moment so who knows where we will end up. since we are back on the coast, i am going to start detailing some of our ‘closer to home’ adventures. so keep on checking in.

on a separate note, flythecoop is up for one of the peoples choice awards for australia’s best blogs 2014 so i urge you, if you are so inclined, to vote for us. i have taken the liberty of adding the details below so you can click on through. voting closes on may fifth - so head on over now. 

Mar 26, 2014

our final few days...

we spent our last few days in lovely santa monica staying in a gorgeous room we booked on airbnb. if you plan on driving in la (which is known as a driving city) then beware! your stress levels will elevate, as will your need to consume vast amounts of alcohol, even with gps. this was our base for exploring hollywood, beverly hills and westwood. we purchased a map of the movie stars homes and basked in the gardens of chateau marmont. we made the most of delicious tex-mexican and the amazing bargains at the citadel outlets. our last evening was spent watching the sun set behind the malibu hills at paradise cove and dining on delectable seafood with desley and ted over some amazing californian sauvignon blanc.

Mar 23, 2014

travelling south on highway 1...

the all american road trip is synonymous to most travellers looking for adventure, landscapes and history. weather it be route 66, the avenue of the giants, monument valley or the million dollar highway - most head on some type of road trip through the usa, once in their lifetime. this trip, we headed south on california 1 (highway 1 or the pacific coast highway) and followed the scenic road from san francisco right down to santa monica in los angeles. it was everything we could have imagined.

weather it was pulling over to a vista point atop the plummeting cliffs, stopping to admire the towering red-woods lining the road, enjoying a world famous seafood and clam chowder in a bun and watching sea lions frolic in the surf or enjoying homemade apple and strawberry cider at a road side stall, we basked in every second of our four day journey.

we visited the bigger towns such as santa cruz, san luis obispo and monterey bay and enjoyed the quainter ones such as carmel and big sur (which to be honest, were our favourites). we loved the wine tasting in los olives and watching the sunsetting over an open fire along the ocean front at santa barbara with the lovely desley and ted. an enjoyable trip that everyone must take, at some point. (i went a bit crazy with photos - i hope you enjoy…)

Mar 18, 2014

spring in san francisco...

san francisco is breathtaking and could be, after paris, the prettiest city i have been to. ever. arriving (after a 3am start mind you) from new york on saturday, we have been blessed with above average temperatures for this time of year and have been enjoying the glorious outdoors. although a little jet-lagged, on saturday we headed to alamo park with some beers and gourmet snacks, alongside a few thousand san franscians and just sat in the park, basking in the sun. after the cool temperatures of gotham, the sun was a welcome sight.

the past few days have been spent enjoying the jasmine scented air, walking the streets, dining in the outdoor gardens and taking old-worldly trams up san francisco's iconic hills. dining for one is a lot easier in sf, as there are a lot more "traveller friendly" spots to pop in to and they tend to be a little friendlier on your wallet. over the past few days we have taken in the magnificent views at telegraph hill, taken two buses for kurt to get famed coffee in russian hill, walked the castro and its vintage shops and had organic red walnut and dark chocolate ice-cream in the mission.

on sunday morning, mama's in north beach called, unfortunately - the latest review in timeout magazine - also meant that mama's called every other visitor in san fran, so after waiting in line for 45 minutes and not moving an inch, we blew it off. we headed for fisherman's wharf, but got scared of the other hordes of tourists so headed out the fine dining in the ferry building before getting on a street cart to downtown. with a little bit of everything on offer, parks, city, street art, sailing, hiking and wineries, this is a fantastic spot for a holiday.

today we went on a fantastic bike tour with streets of san francisco, and lucky for us, it was our second unplanned private tour of the trip. geoff our guide took us through some of most "iconic" neighbourhoods and enlightened us on the architecture and history of the different areas, as well as of the city. this tour certainly shed a different light on sf - right from the hippy drum circles in golden gate park (that still take place each weekend as they pay homage to the summer of love in 1967) to the painted ladies in alamo park and the history of the "paris of the west" aka. the civic centre. he also took us to an amazing pie shop, where i had a slice of classic apple and cherry pie with twin brothers organic vanilla ice-cream. nom nom.